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What we are and how everything was conceived:
“The origins”

The Group of Complex Systems and Networks (COSNET) is a scientific Lab headed by Prof. Yamir Moreno and is part of the Institute for Bio-computation and Physics of Complex Systems (BIFI). During more than 10 years, the group has been working, among other research lines, on different problems related to the study of game theory and social dilemmas. In collaboration with other colleagues, we have been publishing several papers on the subject in an attempt to analyze and better understand the different patterns that have led to the emergence, prevalence, and evolution of cooperation in different scenarios. Cooperation is present all around us and it is the mechanism that has helped us to be what we really are today. Teamwork, specialization of labor and the emergence and evolution of language as a complex system of signs that ensures an effective communication between people, are fundamental keys that have allowed the transition from primitive societies to modern and industrialized ones. The study of cooperative phenomena in nature and in human society continues to generate a heated and profound debate among researchers from various fie